Dr. (Mrs.) Tanushree Singh

Dr. (Mrs.) Tanushree Singh (Director)

Dear Parents, friends and well-wishers,
We are The Royal Heritage intend to provide quality education along with a unique opportunity to every child to develop his/her potential to the fullest. We endeavor to present a broad range of skills to the young minds, making them future ready. Values like compassion, sincerity, tolerance, honesty, truth and respect for other’s beliefs and ideas are constantly focused upon.  Emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities indicate learning outside and beyond classroom.
We strongly believe in making our students self-confident, providing food for their thought and wind to their wings, so as to enable them to find their own sky to soar….
Effective results are achieved when we efficiently combine western creativity with deep rooted Indian values!!
We expect every child passing out to carry beautiful memories along with academic brilliance, artistic creativity, athletic supremacy and most importantly a will to achieve a tomorrow of their dreams. We utilize our capabilities to the fullest to ensure that we shape the students to prove good human beings and contributing citizens.



Mr.. ASHOK PRADHAN (Principal)

It has been a passionate and a thrilling experience for me to be associated with The Royal Heritage Public School for a year now. Educating the young minds to blossom to flowers of knowledge and to elucidate the essence of brilliance among aspiring students has been a challenging task to the school. Swinging the torch beam towards educating the mass using various valuable techniques and methods has been the endeavour of the mosaic of trained staff to leave no stone unturned in nurturing the young minds. Learning by doing leading to successful and elevated performance by the students has paved the way for excellent teaching learning experience.

A complete transfer of knowledge from teacher to the taught is an inspirational prerogative in teaching learning process. Can be quoted from time to time. The school with the all its might is involved in the all round development of the girls and boys from various strata of life. Last but not the least we are thriving for betterment of knowledge, social upbringing and a platform for educating the enmasse. Thus elevating the brilliance of nature to its zenith.