The Management  Board Rao Saheb Lal Mahesh Pratap Singh is formed by the joint  effort of a Nationally and  Socially  conscious  couple and  very  exemplary descendents of erstwhile enlightened Ruling Houses of Rewa and Nagod respectively- Shri Ravinandan  Singh, Ex-Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and Senior Advocate High Court of MP and Smt. Suslila Singh  to live  up to exhortations of Swami  Ramkrishna Paramhansa “To be given fortune  and accept it not as a stroke  of luck  but mission. Create goodness and goodwill through your fortune.”

Very natural and fitting tribute and extension to the Board-The Royal Heritage Public School is an intellectual but beautiful dream and conception of its Hon'ble Managing Director Kunwar Mrigendra Singh and the Hon'ble Director Dr. (Mrs.) Tanushree Singh and is being run and administered on the Universal maxim of Swami Vivekanand- “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and run riot there, undigested all your life. We must have life-building, man making, character-making   assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than any man, who has got by heart a whole library”.

WHY The Royal Heritage Public School?


The Royal Heritage Public School  is functioning,  based on the time tested aims and objectives  of the earliest  and  best  of the Public  Schools-  to instill fairness  in anger, coolness  in danger, grace in defeat and readiness for service at all times. The best emerge from traditional institutions knowing how to argue without quarreling, how to quarrel without suspecting how to suspect without slandering.

The Royal Heritage Public School constantly bears in mind-Fame is a vapour, reputation a mere accident, riches take wings; what is enduring is character.

The Royal Heritage Public School is striving to provide quality education to produce future citizens with poise and confidence, who are loyal, patriotic, have the courage of conviction, know the dignity of labour, are humble in victory and graceful in defeat and are conscious of their heritage and culture.

The Royal Heritage Public School is aspiring to be "An Island of Excellence" in a a sea of mediocrity  with the objective  to impart  quality education  to produce  high profile  soldiers,  statesmen,  civil servants,  administrators,  technocrats  and captains in the field of business and industry to help build a strong progressive modern India


The Royal Heritage Public School is located exactly 3 km. short  of famous battle field of sixteenth  century-surrounded  by sylvan High lands of Central India from  South East to South West and encircled  by the treacherous nullah  emanating from the high  grounds  and running  from North  to South. Lioness of Great Gondwana Empire, Rani Durgawati attained epoch making martyrdom, unique in the saga of warfare while defending  the last citadel of National  Independence,  dignity, identity and honour with the help of handful of her dedicated and brave tribal troops armed with most primitive conventional  weapons  against well armed and equipped horde of ruthless  cavalary of Moghul Empire.

The Royal Heritage Public School Campus is approximately 16 kilometers away from noise and traffic pollution   of city life. The site is amidst green farmland surrounded by semi-wilderness conducive to learning. TRH provides an opportunity for students to appreciate the greatness of God's divine gift-Nature and meditate in harmony.


The Royal Heritage Public School is run by a Management Board, Rao Lal Mahesh Pratap Singh under the precious guidance of our patrons Shri Ravinandan   Singh ji and Smt. Sushila Singh ji and very proficiently assisted by the Hon’ble Managing Director Kunwar Mrigendra Singh and his consort Hon'ble Director Dr. (Mrs.) Tanushree Singh.


The Royal Heritage Public School is presently affiliated to CBSE from 2007. We will have our affiliation up to class XII.


To keep our students, staff and property secure, very efficient security personnel and dog handlers with trained hound dogs are employed round the clock by day and night.


Monthly medical checkups are conducted for the students and regular health chart is maintained to monitor their growth rate and general health condition assisted by a team of doctors visiting the school monthly.


The students are encouraged and inspired to be constructive in their recreation through educational programmes, Television and informative movies on C.D. Players shown to them every week end. Students are taken out for movies and picnics. All kinds of indoor games and toys are provided to them in the recreational hall.


To equip and armour the intellectual and physical faculties of our students we organise adventure sports with the specific concurence of respective parents- to fend for themselves and defend the motherland with honour, dignity and self sacrifice. The School has its own fleet of trained Army Horses and beautiful swimming pool for the children. The students learn horse riding under trainers trained by the Army instructors acclaimed at Asiad and other international equestrian competitions. The riding Club of School is affiliated to the Equestrian Federation of India to encourage and inspire students to participate in National and International events, Swimming attendants take full responsibility of students while they are in the pool.

Excursions and trekking are organised under very patriarchal and personal command/directive of the Hon'ble Managing Director of the School to eradicate  the inherent fear of unknown  and to learn,  admire,  love and live in harmony  with  the nature-  the  divine  source  of spiritual,  intellectual  and physical strength  and stability.


Being a residential School The Royal Heritage Public School lays great emphasis on sports as a part of everyday routine. Sports help a person to develop team spirit, to take failures in one's stride and learn never to give up in any situation, as Swami Vivekanand used to say that we need young people with muscles of iron and nerves of steel if we are going to build a new India.


The Royal Heritage Public School imbodies   the significance   of global communication  to interact globally  in the National  interest, for the world has become commercially,  politically  and socially-a global village due to revolutionary  progress in telecommunications. Therefore, The Royal Heritage Public School  is  striving progressively   to create an  ambience  and atmosphere  to develop  students  into global citizens,  fluent  in singular  International   language  i.e. English  and a well rounded personally  with firm footing in Indian Ethos.


As computers are indispensible to the world of academics and commerce,TRH in spires its students to be friendly with computers at the gross root level.

A regular academic course is taken from class one onwards and the younger ones just play games and learn to use the paint brush on the computer screen.


Milk is an essential drink for physical and mental growth of growing children. To ensure good quality and pure milk the school owns a dairy with a herd of cattle.

The children are served the purest quality of cow milk twice a day. Other milk products are also served in their daily meals. It is always the endeavour of The Royal Heritage Public School that the students are provided the farm fresh cereals and vegetables grown in the field of the School.


Admission test is conducted for every child coming to the school. After an informal interview with the Principal, the student is admitted in the school.


Throughout the academic year, terminal examinations, class tests and internal assessments are arranged and these are of paramount importance to students as regards their promotion to the next class


The Royal Heritage Public School has a beautiful hostel, furnished with all modem facilities separate for boys and girls. It is under the care of Resident Wardens, who keeps a close liaison with the parents through the Principal. They are assisted by a matron and attendants to take full care of the health and well being of all the children.  Fulfilling the needs of every child is their first duty.

The Principal keeps a strict check on all the under mentioned aspects of the Hostel.                                    


  •  To develop good behaviour among the children.
  •  To make the children self dependent and reliable.
  •  To teach the children regular habits of studies and games.
  •  To prepare the children for competitive Examinations and higher learning.
  •  To inculcate feelings of National integrity and to live a happy group social life.


   1.   They should take-care of their health & cleanliness.

   2.   They should always be friendly with others in and out of the hostel.

   3.   They should never indulge into vulgarity in their talk and behaviour.

   4.   They should accept whatever work is assigned to them with a sense of duty. They should face the adversities courageously.

   5.   They should always be ready to render a helping hand to their fellow boarders. In the School, to Teachers, Companions and any unattended visitor they happen to meet in the School/Hostel premises.

   6.   They should never cheat or use unfair means games and exams.

   7.   They should never be cruel. They should know that cruelty is the trait of a bully, while kindness is the hallmark of a brave heart and a gentleman.

   8.   They should respect the liberty and the rights' of others.

   9.   They should ensure the upkeep of their rooms and of the hostel premises and report any damage they may observe.

   10.  They should never hesitate to say 'No' when asked or tempted to do a thing which they know to be wrong.

   11.  Instead of lamenting, grumbling and complaining over the evils of this world, they should try to contribute their share in making the world a better place to live in.

   12.  They  should  look  upon  people  from  all parts  of the  world  as their  brethren irrespective  of their colour or creed.

   13.  They should not waste time in idle gossips.

   14.  They should be religious and not communal.